• We will achieve customer satisfaction with the highest quality.

  • The Best ingredients provide
    the best taste.

  • We love Nature.

About Sama Venture

Our target is the customer value creation with food ingredients.

About us

Our target is the customer value creation with food ingreadients…

Greetings from CEO

We will serve the customer satisfaction and high quality system for your products.


Since 1987, we will continue to grow in the future.

Introduction of Factory and R&D

We introduce our factory and R&D.


Please, experience various products of Sama Venture.

Sauce & Dressing
Sauce & Dressing

Sauce & Dressing that increase the taste and flavor of various foods.

Sauce for Fried Chicken, Pork Cutlet & Pizza
Many kinds of Salad Dressing Mayonnaise

#salad #sauce #dressing #naturaltaste

Savory Seasoning
Savory Seasoning

We have many kinds of special method and know-how for increase the typical flavor and taste for your processed products with Extarction, Evaporation, Reaction, Spray-Dry, Vacuum Dry and Mix process.

#liquid #powder #snackseasoning #seasoningmaterial

Fresh Cut Vegetable
Fresh Cut Vegetable

We serve many kinds of Fresh-cut Vegetables and Salad from fresh Vegetables through the cutting , washing , discard the moisture and packaging.

Salad with Special Sauce and Varous Toppings

#preprocess #vegetable #salad #fresh


We supply Shred Cheese, which is produced in a sanitary and Block Cheese for raw material from a various origin.

#mozzarella #gouda #redcheddar #cheese

Introduction of Factory and R&D

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* Savory Seasoning (Extraction, Evaporation, Reaction, Spray-Dry, Vacuum-Dry, Mix Process)

* Sauce, Dressing, Mayonnaise

* Fresh Cut Vegetable


* Customer Satisfaction

* Customized Product Development

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