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Savory Seasoning


For Soup, Condiment

#For Soup, Condiment
Beef Stock Concentrate / Beef Flavor Powder
Chicken Bone Extract / Chicken Stock Powder
Aquatic products Extract and Powders (Crab, Shrimp, Katsuobushi, Clam, Dried Pollack)
Vegetable Juice Powder (Radish, Onion, Spring Onion, Hot Chilli)
Seasoning Oils (Onion, Shrimp, Vegetable) and Chinese Style
Soy Sauce Powder / Charcoal Flavor Liquid / Kelp Extract

We can develop and supply products suitable for your request.


For Snack

#For Snack
Onion flavor / Cornsome flavor Seasoning
Babeque flavor / Chilli Pepper flavor Seasoning
Corn Butter flavor / Bulgogi flavor Seasoning
Wasabi flavor / Garlic Butter flavor Seasoning
Fried Chicken flavor Seasoning

We will continue to study to develop various flavors, develop and supply customized products suitable for your request.


For Meat Products

#For Meat Products
Savory Seansonings for Meat Products

Savory Seasonings for Meat Products such as sausage, ham, etc., combined with various flavors and functions